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Costs (Cfc)

Management and organization (C)
     Related Term (Associative): Transportation operations (B); Information organization (X)
    Finance (Cf)
         Related Term (Associative): Economic factors (Ka)
        Revenues (Cfa)
        Expenses (Cfb)
        Costs (Cfc)
            Types of costs (Cfca)
            Benefit cost analysis (Cfcb)
                 Use For: Cost benefit analysis
                 Related Term (Associative): Technology assessment (Epdbe); Benefits (Kkt)
            Cost control (Cfcc)
            Cost allocation (Cfcd)
            Cost estimating (Cfce)
            Cost sharing (Cfcf)
            Cost indexes (Cfcj)
            Least overall cost (Cfck)
            Cost recovery (Cfcr)
                 Related Term (Associative): 
            Cost finding (Cfcw)
            Estimates (Cfcx)
        Taxes (Cfd)
        Assets (Cfe)
        Liabilities (Cff)
        Equity (Finance) (Cfg)
        Government funding (Cfh)
        Loans (Cfi)
        Credit (Cfj)
        Fees (Cfk)
        User charges (Cfm)
        Appraisals (Cfp)
        Sales (Cfs)
             Use For: Selling
        Assessments (Cfu)
        Valuation (Cfv)
        Bankruptcy (Cfy)