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Ruts (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmbyr)

Facilities (P)
     Use For: Complexes; Installations
    Transportation, hydraulic and utility facilities (Pm)
        Highway facilities (Pmr)
             Related Term (Associative): Underground structures (Pdv); Bridges and culverts (Pdy)
            Roads (Pmrc)
                Parts of roads (Pmrcp)
                    Pavements (Pmrcpp)
                         Related Term (Associative): Airport runways (Pmfcgmr)
                        Pavement components (Pmrcppp)
                            Pavement layers (Pmrcpppm)
                                Surface course (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmb)
                                     Use For: Blanket course; Road surfaces
                                     Related Term (Associative): Tire/pavement noise (Jfnbtt)
                                    Surface course irregularities (Pmrcpppmby)
                                         Related Term (Associative): Pavement cracking (Smfdp)
                                        Potholes (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmbyp)
                                             Use For: Chuckholes
                                        Ruts (Pavements) (Pmrcpppmbyr)
                                             Use For: Wheeltracks
                                             Related Term (Associative): Rutting (Smbr)