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Methane (Rbcgrrl)

Materials (R)
    Classes of materials (Rb)
        Chemicals (Rbc)
             Related Term (Associative): 
            Chemical compounds (Rbcg)
                Organic compounds (Rbcgr)
                    Individual organic compounds (Rbcgrr)
                        Acetic acid (Rbcgrrb)
                             Use For: Ethanolic acid
                        Benzene (Rbcgrrc)
                        Butadiene (Rbcgrrd)
                        Butane (Rbcgrre)
                        Calcium magnesium acetate (Rbcgrrf)
                             Use For: CMA
                        Carbene (Rbcgrrg)
                        Ethanol (Rbcgrrh)
                             Use For: Ethyl alcohol; Ethylalcohol
                        Ethylene glycol (Rbcgrrj)
                        Formaldehyde (Rbcgrrk)
                             Use For: Formol; Methanal; Methylene oxide
                        Methane (Rbcgrrl)
                             Use For: Methyl hydride
                        Methanol (Rbcgrrm)
                             Use For: Methyl alcohol; Wood alcohol
                        Methyl methacrylate (Rbcgrrn)
                        Phenol (Rbcgrro)
                             Use For: Carbolic acid; Phenylic acid
                        Polymethyl methacrylate (Rbcgrrp)
                        Polypropylene (Rbcgrrq)
                        Polystyrene (Rbcgrrr)
                             Use For: Geofoam
                        Polytetrafluoroethylene (Rbcgrrs)
                             Use For: PTFE; Teflon
                        Polyvinyl acetate (Rbcgrrt)
                             Use For: PVA
                        Polyvinyl chloride (Rbcgrru)
                             Use For: Polyvinylchloride; PVC
                        Tetraethyl lead (Rbcgrrv)
                             Use For: TEL
                        Toluene (Rbcgrrw)
                             Use For: Methylbenzene; Phenylmethane
                        Urea (Rbcgrrx)
                             Use For: Carbamide
                        Urethane (Rbcgrry)
                             Use For: Ethyl carbamate; Ethyl urethane