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Railroad transportation (Aegk)

Any form of non-highway ground transportation that runs on rails or electro-magnetic guideways, including commuter or other short-haul railroad passenger service in a metropolitan or suburban area, as well as any commuter railroad service that was operated by the Consolidated Rail Corporation as of January 1, 1979, and high speed ground transportation systems that connect metropolitan areas, without regard to whether they use new technologies not associated with traditional railroads. Such term does not include rapid transit operations within an urban area that are not connected to the general railroad system of transportation. (Source: Code of Federal Regulations. Title 49. Part 225.5 (Definitions))
Use For
Rail transportation
Broader Term
Ground transportation (Aeg)
Narrower Terms
Monorail transportation (Aegkm)
High speed ground transportation (Aegkt)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Highway transportation (Aegh)
Pipeline transportation (Aegp)