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Nonmotorized transportation (Aex)

Transportation that includes walking and bicycling, and variants such as small-wheeled transport (skates, skateboards, push scooters and hand carts) and wheelchair travel. (Source: TDM Encyclopedia (Victoria Transport Policy Institute): www.vtpi.org/tdm/tdm25.htm)
Use For
Active transportation
Broader Term
Transportation modes (Ae)
Narrower Terms
Bicycling (Aexb)
Walking (Aexw)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Air transportation (Aea)
Ground transportation (Aeg)
Water transportation (Aes)
Public transit (Aet)
Related Terms (Associative)
Pedestrians (Mwx)
Physical fitness (Mxba)
Horse drawn vehicles (Qbdf)
Human powered vehicles (Qbdh)