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Saturation flow (Bthfh)

The equivalent hourly rate at which previously queued vehicles can traverse an intersection approach under prevailing conditions, assuming that the green signal is available at all times and no lost times are experienced, in vehicles per hour or vehicles per hour per lane. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Broader Term
Traffic flow (Bthf)
Narrower Terms
Oversaturation (Traffic flow) (Bthfho)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Traffic congestion (Bthfc)
Concurrent flow (Bthfe)
Interrupted flow (Bthfi)
Uninterrupted flow (Bthfj)
Bottlenecks (Bthfk)
Traffic flow rate (Bthfq)
Traffic flow theory (Bthfr)
Traffic equilibrium (Bthfu)