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Management (Ca)

The planning, direction, and control of the entire activity of a transportation supplier, including the formulation of objectives, policies, programs, and strategy and product development; organizing and staffing to carry out plans; supervising operations; and controlling performance. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Broader Term
Management and organization (C)
Narrower Terms
Administration (Caa)
Auditing (Cad)
Project delivery (Caj)
Participatory management (Cam)
Program management (Cap)
Project management (Car)
Crisis management (Cat)
Total quality management (Caw)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Operations (Cb)
Human resources management (Cc)
Education and training (Ce)
Finance (Cf)
Accounting (Cg)
Marketing (Ch)
Public relations (Cj)
Logistics (Cm)
Insurance (Cn)
Organizational factors (Co)
Production (Cp)
Property management (Cq)
Policy, legislation and regulation (Cr)
Jurisprudence and judicial processes (Cs)
Trade (Ct)
Contract administration (Cu)
Governance (Cv)
Research management (Cw)
Interorganizational relations (Cx)
Industry structure (Cy)
Related Terms (Associative)