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Adaptive control (Dcgb)

A method of control in which the parameters may be changed dynamically to adapt to changes in the operating environment. (Source: Team)
Use For
Adaptive systems
Broader Term
Control systems (Dcg)
Narrower Terms
Self organizing systems (Dcgbs)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Actuating systems (Dcga)
Automatic control (Dcgc)
Command and control systems (Dcgd)
Electronic control (Dcge)
Feedback control (Dcgf)
Fluidics (Dcgh)
Integrated systems (Dcgi)
Intelligent control systems (Dcgj)
Kalman filtering (Dcgk)
Linear systems (Dcgl)
Manual control (Dcgm)
Nonlinear systems (Dcgn)
Numerical control (Dcgp)
Process control (Dcgr)
Real time control (Dcgt)
Remote control (Dcgu)
Sliding mode control (Dcgw)
Related Terms (Associative)