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Control devices (Dcj)

Scope Note
For devices used in specific applications refer to Dcm: CONTROL SYSTEM APPLICATIONS; Refer also to Qpj: STEERING SYSTEMS
Articles, machines, equipment, or contrivances to direct or regulate a process or sequence of events. (Source: TRT SN)
Use For
Control equipment
Control system hardware
Broader Term
Control (Dc)
Narrower Terms
Actuators (Dcja)
Automatic controllers (Dcjb)
Control consoles (Dcjd)
Loops (Control systems) (Dcjm)
Permanent magnets (Dcjp)
Robots (Dcjr)
Servomechanisms (Dcjs)
Thyristors (Dcjt)
Timers (Dcju)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Automation (Dcb)
Control systems (Dcg)
Properties of control systems (Dch)
Control system applications (Dcm)
Navigation (Dcn)
Train operation (Dct)
Related Terms (Associative)
Equipment (Qt)
Electronic equipment (Qtbe)