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Approach control (Dcmtbm)

A service established to control IFR (instrument flight rules) flights arriving at, departing from, and operating in the vicinity of airports by means of direct and instantaneous communication between approach control personnel and all aircraft operating under their control. Available to VFR (visual flight rules) traffic on a workload permitting basis. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Use For
Aircraft approach spacing
Broader Term
Air traffic control (Dcmtb)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Advanced automation system (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbc)
Air traffic control radar beacon system (Dcmtbf)
Aircraft separation (Dcmtbj)
Automated radar terminal system (Dcmtbp)
Enroute traffic control (Dcmtbr)
Flight information services (Dcmtbt)
Flow control (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbu)
Free flight (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbv)
Radar air traffic control (Dcmtbw)
Terminal air traffic control (Dcmtbx)