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Flow control (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbu)

Measures designed to adjust the flow of traffic into a given airspace, along a given route, or bound for a given aerodrome (airport) so as to ensure the most effective utilization of the airspace. (Source: www.bts.gov/dictionary//dictionary/)
Use For
Flow management (Air traffic control)
Broader Term
Air traffic control (Dcmtb)
Narrower Terms
Metering (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbum)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Advanced automation system (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbc)
Air traffic control radar beacon system (Dcmtbf)
Aircraft separation (Dcmtbj)
Approach control (Dcmtbm)
Automated radar terminal system (Dcmtbp)
Enroute traffic control (Dcmtbr)
Flight information services (Dcmtbt)
Free flight (Air traffic control) (Dcmtbv)
Radar air traffic control (Dcmtbw)
Terminal air traffic control (Dcmtbx)