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Synchronous control (Dcmvgmhs)

In automated guideway operation, vehicles follow electronically generated slots which move along the guideway. The slot lengths are uniform and are equal to the length of the vehicle plus the minimum allowable nose to tail separation between adjacent vehicles. Vehicles do not communicate directly with one another but instead communicate with wayside computers which control the vehicles during merging/demerging, degraded operations and emergencies. (Source: Control considerations for automated guideway transit systems. W. L. Garrard; R. J. Caudill; W. B. Reed. Decision and Control including the 14th Symposium on Adaptive Processes, 1975 IEEE Conference. Volume 14, Issue , Dec. 1975, p. 567-572.)
Use For
Moving slot control
Point follower control
Broader Term
Automatic headway control (Dcmvgmh)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Asynchronous control (Dcmvgmhb)
Quasi synchronous control (Dcmvgmhq)