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Drone radar (Dcnsbqd)

A radar system intended to trigger radar detectors, causing drivers in vehicles equipped with radar detectors, who assumedly travel faster than the speed limit and mean speed, to slow down. (Source: www.itsdocs.fhwa.dot.gov/jpodocs/repts_te/13609_files/8_3_2.htm)
Broader Term
Radar (Dcnsbq)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Continuous wave radar (Dcnsbqb)
Doppler radar (Dcnsbqc)
Ground penetrating radar (Dcnsbqf)
Laser radar (Dcnsbqj)
Search radar (Dcnsbqm)
Side looking radar (Dcnsbqp)
Terrain avoidance radar (Dcnsbqs)
Weather radar (Dcnsbqv)
Related Terms (Associative)
Work zone traffic control (Dcmthcw)