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Data communications (Dsbb)

The transfer of data between separate computer processing sites or devices using telephone lines, microwave and/or satellite links. (Source: www.austincc.edu/audit/glossary/d.php)
Use For
Data transmission systems
Broader Term
Communication systems (Dsb)
Narrower Terms
Electronic data interchange (Dsbbe)
Electronic mail (Dsbbm)
Image transmission (Dsbbp)
Self describing data (Dsbbs)
Transborder data flow (Dsbbt)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Social media (Dsbc)
Digital communication systems (Dsbd)
Facsimile (Dsbe)
Information display systems (Dsbg)
Meteor burst communications (Dsbk)
Microwave communication systems (Dsbm)
Mobile communication systems (Dsbn)
Radio and television (Dsbp)
Satellite communication (Dsbq)
Signaling (Dsbr)
Telecommunications (Dsbs)
Telephone (Dsbt)
Telex (Dsbu)
Videotext (Dsbv)
Wireless communication systems (Dsbw)
Wideband communication systems (Dsbx)
Related Terms (Associative)
Information processing (Xbk)
Data sharing (Xsd)