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Modulation (Communications) (Dsmmj)

The transmission of a signal by using it to vary a carrier wave; changing the carrier's amplitude or frequency or phase. (Source: wordnet.princeton.edu)
Broader Term
Transmission techniques (Dsmm)
Narrower Terms
Amplitude modulation (Dsmmjb)
Frequency modulation (Dsmmjf)
Pulse modulation (Dsmmjp)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Broadcasting (Dsmmb)
Fiber optics (Dsmmd)
Frequency allocation (Dsmmf)
Line of sight (Dsmmh)
Multiplexing (Dsmmm)
Segmentation (Communications) (Dsmmp)
Signal processing (Dsmmr)
Data streaming (Dsmms)
Speech recognition (Dsmmt)
Telemetry (Dsmmv)