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Photogrammetry (Esmsfj)

The art and science of obtaining measurements from aerial photographs. (Source: Industry Canada federal website. www.ic.gc.ca/epic/site/trm-crt.nsf/en/rm00196e.html)
Broader Term
Surveying methods and processes (Esmsf)
Narrower Terms
Aerial photogrammetry (Esmsfjb)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Aerial surveying (Esmsfb)
Alignment (Esmsfd)
Geodetic surveying (Esmsff)
Photointerpretation (Esmsfm)
Photologging (Esmsfp)
Referencing (Esmsfq)
Setting out (Surveying) (Esmsfs)
Triangulation (Esmsft)