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Photointerpretation (Esmsfm)

The interpretation of land cover types from air photos using recognition elements or principles such as tone/color, texture, pattern, size, shape, shadows and association to identify objects and features and determine their significance. (Source: Team: adapted from University of Maine Image Analysis Laboratory website: www.umaine.edu/MIAL/)
Use For
Photographic interpretation
Broader Term
Surveying methods and processes (Esmsf)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Aerial surveying (Esmsfb)
Alignment (Esmsfd)
Geodetic surveying (Esmsff)
Photogrammetry (Esmsfj)
Photologging (Esmsfp)
Referencing (Esmsfq)
Setting out (Surveying) (Esmsfs)
Triangulation (Esmsft)