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Impregnation (Engineering) (Fcbk)

The process of totally saturating something with a substance. (Source: wordnet.princeton.edu)
Use For
Broader Term
Materials adaptation and use (Fcb)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Aeration (Fcba)
Comminution (Fcbb)
Compaction (Fcbc)
Cutting (Fcbd)
Densification (Fcbe)
Drying (Fcbg)
Forming (Fcbj)
Machining (Fcbl)
Mechanical analysis (Fcbm)
Milling (Fcbn)
Mixing (Fcbp)
Pouring (Fcbq)
Processing (Materials) (Fcbr)
Refining (Fcbu)
Spreading (Fcbv)
Surface preparation (Fcbw)
Wetting (Fcbx)
Adaptation and use of specific materials (Fcby)