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Shear tests (Gbbmrq)

Tests to determine shear strength of soil samples by subjecting samples to a vertically applied stress while they are under a lateral strain. (Source: Team)
Broader Term
Soil tests (Gbbmr)
Narrower Terms
Direct shear tests (Gbbmrqd)
Triaxial shear tests (Gbbmrqt)
Undrained shear tests (Gbbmrqu)
Vane shear tests (Gbbmrqv)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Index tests (Gbbmrj)
Plate bearing test (Gbbmrm)
Shaking table tests (Gbbmrp)
Soil compaction test (Gbbmrs)
Soil consolidation test (Gbbmrt)
Soil penetration test (Gbbmru)