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Crashes (Hb)

Scope Note
Often used interchangeably with collisions in the literature. Use a more specific, mode-specified term where possible. Crashes are events that can be considered in terms of injuries, fatalities, or property damage. There can be medical, socioeconomic, and legal ramifications.
Use For
Broader Term
Safety and security (H)
Narrower Terms
Crash types (Hbb)
Crash causes (Hbc)
Crash characteristics (Hbk)
Crash phases (Hbp)
Crash analysis (Hbw)
Crash investigation (Hbx)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Safety (Ha)
Hazards and emergency operations (Hh)
Injuries (Hj)
Risk (Hk)
Pathology (Hm)
Medical services (Hp)
Law enforcement (Hr)
Security (Hs)
Crimes (Hu)
Criminal histories (Hv)
Loss and damage (Hw)
Related Terms (Associative)
Emergencies (Hhge)