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Medication (Hpgm)

A drug that is used to treat an illness or disease according to established medical guidelines. (Source: www.workplace.samhsa.gov/Glossary/glossary_drugs.aspx)
Broader Term
Medical treatment (Hpg)
Narrower Terms
Dosage (Hpgmd)
Antihistamines (Hpgmh)
Psychotropic agents (Hpgmp)
Sedatives (Hpgms)
Tranquilizers (Hpgmt)
Antidepressants (Hpgmu)
Placebos (Hpgmx)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Anesthesia (Hpgf)
Life support systems (Hpgh)
Surgery (Hpgk)
Therapy (Hpgt)
Outcome (Medical treatment) (Hpgv)
Related Terms (Associative)
Drugs (Hmdqx)
Pharmacology (Tphs)