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Security (Hs)

Measures taken as a precaution against theft, espionage or sabotage. (Source: wordnet.princeton.edu)
Use For
Security measures
Broader Term
Safety and security (H)
Narrower Terms
Prevention (Hsa)
Protection (Hsb)
Security checkpoints (Hsc)
Freight security (Hsf)
Passenger security (Hsp)
False alarms (Security) (Hsu)
National security (Hsw)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Safety (Ha)
Crashes (Hb)
Hazards and emergency operations (Hh)
Injuries (Hj)
Risk (Hk)
Pathology (Hm)
Medical services (Hp)
Law enforcement (Hr)
Crimes (Hu)
Criminal histories (Hv)
Loss and damage (Hw)
Related Terms (Associative)