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Atmospheric phenomena (Jbmbk)

Observable occurrences of particular physical significance within the atmosphere. (Source: http://nsidc.org/arcticmet/glossary/atmospheric_phenomenon.html)
Broader Term
Atmosphere (Jbmb)
Narrower Terms
Atmospheric circulation (Jbmbkd)
Atmospheric diffusion (Jbmbkg)
Atmospheric turbulence (Jbmbkj)
Haze (Jbmbkk)
Lightning (Jbmbkl)
Water in the atmosphere (Jbmbkm)
Atmospheric pressure phenomena (Jbmbkp)
Heat storage (Jbmbks)
Wind (Jbmbkw)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Atmospheric layers (Jbmba)
Properties of the atmosphere (Jbmbb)
Model atmosphere (Jbmby)