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Economic analysis (Kc)

The comparison, with money as the index, of those costs and benefits to the wider economy that can be reasonably quantified, including all social costs and benefits of a project. (Source: www.mos.gov.pl/mos/publikac/Raporty_opracowania/manual/glosry_1.html)
Broader Term
Economic and social factors (K)
Narrower Terms
Economic development (Kcb)
Economic efficiency (Kcd)
Economic forecasting (Kcf)
Economic growth (Kcg)
Economies of scale (Kcm)
Consumers surplus (Kcs)
Producers surplus (Kct)
Elasticity (Economics) (Kcu)
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Economic factors (Ka)
Economic models (Kd)
Economic policy (Kf)
Social factors (Kh)
Socioeconomic factors (Kj)
Impacts (Kk)
Social service (Ku)
Public participation (Kw)
Socioeconomic development (Kx)
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