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Human factors (Mxa)

The discipline that studies how human beings interact with technology as well as how technology affects human performance, primarily in industrial settings. (Source: http://toolsforwriters.org/portfolios/fall03/orr/h.htm)
Broader Term
Human characteristics (Mx)
Narrower Terms
Human error (Mxah)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Physical condition (Mxb)
Physical disabilities (Mxc)
Mental condition (Mxk)
Mental disorders (Mxm)
Personality (Mxp)
Emotions (Mxq)
Abilities (Mxr)
Motivation (Mxs)
Perception (Mxt)
Distraction (Mxw)
Human subject testing (Mxy)
Related Terms (Associative)
Positive guidance (Dcmthcp)
Human factors engineering (Esdh)