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Health (Mxbc)

The state of well-being, free from disease. Also, the general condition of body and mind. (Source: Team: adapted from wordnet.princeton.edu)
Broader Term
Physical condition (Mxb)
Narrower Terms
Breath (Mxbcb)
Blood pressure (Mxbcc)
Heart rate (Mxbcd)
Metabolism (Mxbcm)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Physical fitness (Mxba)
Physiological aspects (Mxbb)
Bodily fluids (Mxbd)
Comfort (Mxbe)
Fatigue (Physiological condition) (Mxbf)
Circadian rhythms (Mxbg)
Anthropometry (Mxbh)
Posture (Mxbp)
Sleep (Mxbr)
Stress (Physiology) (Mxbs)
Tolerance (Physiology) (Mxbt)
Vision (Mxbv)
Speech (Mxbw)
Age (Mxbx)