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Cognition (Mxrd)

The psychological result of perception, learning and reasoning. The part of mental functions that deals with logic, as opposed to affect which deals with emotions. (Source: Team: adapted from wordnet.princeton.edu)
Broader Term
Abilities (Mxr)
Narrower Terms
Awareness (Mxrdb)
Comprehension (Mxrdc)
Human information processing (Mxrdh)
Knowledge (Mxrdk)
Understanding (Mxrdu)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Ability tests (Mxra)
Aptitude (Mxrb)
Alertness (Mxrc)
Fitness to drive (Mxrf)
Learning (Mxrg)
Intelligence (Mxri)
Judgment (Human characteristics) (Mxrj)
Motor skills (Mxrm)
Driver performance (Mxrp)
Motor reactions (Mxrr)
Memory (Mxrs)