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Structural members (Pbpb)

Scope Note
Refer to Rbmdx: MATERIALS BY SHAPE OR FORM for Bars, Blocks, Fabrics, Pipe and tubing, Rope, Wire and cable, Sheets and plates, Tile, and Webbing
Broader Term
Structural parts (Pbp)
Narrower Terms
Arches (Pbpba)
Ceilings (Pbpbb)
Chimneys (Pbpbc)
Conduits (Pbpbd)
Floors (Pbpbe)
Foundations (Pbpbf)
Frames (Pbpbg)
Joints (Engineering) (Pbpbh)
Lattices (Pbpbj)
Openings (Pbpbk)
Ramps, corridors and stairs (Pbpbl)
Rooms (Pbpbm)
Roofs (Pbpbp)
Shells (Structural forms) (Pbpbt)
Slabs (Pbpbu)
Structural supports (Pbpbv)
Walls (Pbpbw)
Welds (Pbpbx)
Structural members by elevation (Pbpby)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Environmental and sanitary systems in buildings (Pbpv)
Transportation systems in buildings (Pbpy)
Related Terms (Associative)
Materials by shape or form (Rbmdx)