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Anchorages (Pbpbff)

Those portions of a harbor (or designated areas outside of harbors) in which ships are permitted to lie at anchor. Also, the process of attaching a structural member or support to the concrete structure by means of an embedment, taking into consideration those factors that determine the load capacity of the anchorage system. Also, for concrete reinforcing bars, a length of reinforcement, or a mechanical anchor or hook, or combination thereof at the end of a bar needed to transfer the force carried by the bar into the concrete. Or, the portion of the structure in which the prestressing force is transferred from the anchorage device onto the local zone of the concrete, and then distributed more widely into the general zone of the structure. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Use For
Anchorage (Structures)
Broader Term
Foundations (Pbpbf)
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