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Joints (Engineering) (Pbpbh)

Designed vertical planes of separation or weakness. Also, a discontinuity made necessary by design or by interruption of a paving operation. Also, a structural discontinuity between two elements. The structural members used to frame or form the discontinuity. Or, a connection between two pipe sections, made either with or without the use of additional parts. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Broader Term
Structural members (Pbpb)
Narrower Terms
Backing strips (Pbpbhb)
Ball and socket joints (Pbpbhc)
Butt joints (Pbpbhd)
Construction joints (Pbpbhe)
Bolted joints (Pbpbhf)
Contraction joints (Pbpbhh)
Expansion joints (Pbpbhk)
Lap joints (Pbpbhp)
Longitudinal joints (Pbpbhs)
Sawed joints (Pbpbht)
Seams (Pbpbhu)
Transverse joints (Pbpbhv)
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