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Vertical supports (Pbpbvv)

Scope Note
Refer also to vertical supports used in specific applications, e.g. Pdybbfp: BRIDGE PIERS and Pmptp: UTILITY POLES
Broader Term
Structural supports (Pbpbv)
Narrower Terms
Beams (Pbpbvvb)
Cantilevers (Pbpbvvc)
Columns (Pbpbvvd)
Girders (Pbpbvvg)
Lagging (Earthwork) (Pbpbvvj)
Piles (Supports) (Pbpbvvm)
Poles (Supports) (Pbpbvvp)
Posts (Pbpbvvq)
Sign supports (Pbpbvvr)
Studs (Pbpbvvs)
Trusses (Pbpbvvt)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Bents (Pbpbva)
Brackets (Pbpbvb)
Breakaway supports (Pbpbvc)
Buttresses (Pbpbvd)
Concrete forms (Pbpbve)
Falsework (Pbpbvf)
Lateral supports (Pbpbvg)
Horizontal supports (Pbpbvh)
Tie rods (Pbpbvr)
Timbering (Pbpbvt)