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Marine terminals (Pmhbmpmt)

Parcels of land, generally adjacent to the waterway, that have adequate structures and equipment to load, unload, or store marine cargoes or passengers. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Use For
Port terminals
Broader Term
Port structures (Pmhbmpm)
Narrower Terms
Bulk cargo terminals (Pmhbmpmtb)
Coal terminals (Pmhbmpmtd)
Container terminals (Pmhbmpmtf)
Ferry terminals (Pmhbmpmtg)
Grain terminals (Pmhbmpmth)
LASH terminals (Pmhbmpmtj)
LNG terminals (Pmhbmpmtm)
Offshore terminals (Pmhbmpmtp)
Ore terminals (Pmhbmpmtq)
Petroleum terminals (Pmhbmpmtr)
VLCC ports (Pmhbmpmtv)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Wharves (Pmhbmpmb)
Docks (Pmhbmpmf)
Moorings (Pmhbmpmm)