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Berms (Pmhdb)

Narrow shelves or ledges; also a form of dike. In more detail: the space left between the upper edge of a cut and the toe of an embankment; or a horizontal strip or shelf built into an embankment to break the continuity of an otherwise long slope. Also, the top surface or plane of a shoulder, ledge, or bank constructed in connection with the road. Also, the raised, elongated areas of earth intended to direct the flow of water, to visually screen, to redirect out-of-control vehicles, or to reduce noise levels by shielding the highway; also a horizontal ledge in an earthbank to increase stability of a steep slope. Or, earthwork used to redirect or slow down impinging vehicles or vessels and to stabilize fill, embankment, or soft ground and cut slopes. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Broader Term
Coast and river protective works (Pmhd)
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