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Channels (Waterways) (Pmhjye)

Those parts of a river, harbor, or canal which are marked and maintained to a width and depth for commercial water transportation. Also, the bed and banks that confine the flow of surface water in a natural stream or artificial channel. Also, the courses where a stream of water runs or the closed courses or conduits through which water runs, such as a pipe. Also, open conduits either naturally or artificially created which periodically or continuously contain moving water or which form a connecting link between two bodies of water. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Broader Term
Parts of canals and waterways (Pmhjy)
Narrower Terms
Benching (Pmhjyeb)
Channel linings (Pmhjyem)
Streambeds (Pmhjyes)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Banks (Waterways) (Pmhjyb)
Canal linings (Pmhjyd)
Flumes (Pmhjyh)
Locks (Waterways) (Pmhjyn)
Stilling basins (Pmhjys)
Substrates (Waterways) (Pmhjyu)