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Signalized intersections (Pmrcpjfch)

The area where two or more roadways join or cross at the same elevation and vehicle movement is controlled by traffic signals. (Source: Team: adapted from www.oregon.gov/ODOT/TD/)
Use For
Signalised intersections
Broader Term
Types of intersections (Pmrcpjfc)
Narrower Terms
Isolated intersections (Pmrcpjfchi)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
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Channelized intersections (Pmrcpjfcd)
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Offset intersections (Pmrcpjfcg)
T intersections (Pmrcpjfcj)
Traffic circles (Pmrcpjfcm)
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Unchannelized intersections (Pmrcpjfcr)
Unsignalized intersections (Pmrcpjfct)
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