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Bikeways (Pmrtcm)

Facilities for bicycles that are physically separated from motorized vehicle traffic by an open space or barrier and either within the highway right-of-way or within an independent right-of-way. Shared use paths may also be used by pedestrians, skaters, wheelchair users, joggers, and other non-motorized users. Also referred to as Bicycle Path or Bike Path. Also, a system of bikeways designated by the jurisdiction having authority with appropriate directional and informational route markers, with or without specific bicycle route numbers. Bike route should establish a continuous routing, but may be a combination of any and all types of bikeways. Also, any road, street, path or way which in some manner is specifically designated for bicycle travel, regardless of whether such facilities are designated for the exclusive use of bicycles or are to be shared with other transportation modes. Or, a shared roadway which has been designated by signing as a preferred route for bicycle use. Also referred to as Signed Bike Route. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Use For
Bicycle paths
Bicycle routes
Bicycle trails
Cycle tracks
Cycling paths
Broader Term
Bicycle facilities (Pmrtc)
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