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Rail (Railroads) (Pmudkr)

A rolled steel shape designed to be laid end to end in two parallel lines on ties to form a track for rail cars, traveling cranes, and similar vehicles. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Use For
Railroad rails
Broader Term
Track components (Pmudk)
Narrower Terms
Types of railroad rail (Pmudkrb)
Rail components (Pmudkrk)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Ballast crib (Pmudkb)
Crossovers (Pmudkd)
Frogs (Railroads) (Pmudkh)
Sidings (Railroads) (Pmudks)
Switches (Railroads) (Pmudkt)
Railroad ties (Pmudku)
Tie pads (Pmudkv)
Tie plates (Pmudkw)
Railroad turnouts (Pmudkx)