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Merchant vessels (Qbhd)

Ships for the conveyance of passengers and goods, belonging to one country or industry. (Source: Team: adapted from wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn)
Broader Term
Ships (Qbh)
Narrower Terms
Merchant marine (Qbhdb)
Cargo ships (Qbhdf)
Passenger ships (Qbhdh)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Pleasure craft (Qbhe)
Feeder vessels (Qbhf)
Special purpose ships (Qbhk)
Inland waterways vessels (Qbhn)
Ships by ownership (Qbho)
Ships by motive power (Qbhp)
Boats (Qbhs)
Barges (Qbht)
Underwater vehicles (Qbhu)
Multi hulled ships (Qbhv)
Ships by size (Qbhw)
High performance surface ships (Qbhx)