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Motors (Qtbmbm)

Scope Note
Refer also to Qtbc: ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT and to Qtbe: ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT for motor components
Use For
Electric motors
Broader Term
Types of machines (Qtbmb)
Narrower Terms
Alternating current motors (Qtbmbmb)
Direct current motors (Qtbmbmd)
Induction motors (Qtbmbmj)
Linear motors (Qtbmbmm)
Reversible motors (Qtbmbmp)
Synchronous motors (Qtbmbms)
Asynchronous motors (Qtbmbmt)
Three phase motors (Qtbmbmw)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Auxiliary power plants (Qtbmbb)
Compressors (Qtbmbc)
Engines (Qtbmbe)
Pumps (Qtbmbp)
Turbines (Qtbmbt)
Related Terms (Associative)
Electrical equipment (Qtbc)