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Natural earth crust materials (Rbe)

Scope Note
Native soil, rock and petroleum; excludes air and water unless associated with soil, rock or petroleum; Refer to Rbm: BUILDING MATERIALS for processed soils and rocks
Native soil, rock and petroleum. (Source: TRT SN)
Broader Term
Classes of materials (Rb)
Narrower Terms
Deposits (Geology) (Rbeb)
Weathered earth crust materials (Rbed)
Parent materials (Rbep)
Rocks (Rber)
Soils (Rbes)
Petroleum (Rbeu)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
States of matter (Rbb)
Chemicals (Rbc)
Water (Rbd)
Fuels (Rbf)
Air (Rbj)
Building materials (Rbm)