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Sand (Rbesgs)

Soil material that can pass the No. 4 (4.76 mm) U.S. Standard Sieve and be retained on the No. 200 (0.074 mm) sieve. FHWA, HIRE, 1987. Granular material that is smaller than 2.0 mm and coarser than 0.062 mm. FHWA, HIRE, 1990. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Broader Term
Soil types (Rbesg)
Narrower Terms
Asphaltic sand (Rbesgsb)
Beach sands (Rbesgsd)
Bituminous sands (Rbesgsf)
Dune sands (Rbesgsh)
Sand deposits (Rbesgsp)
Sandy soils (Rbesgsq)
Silica sands (Rbesgsr)
Silty sands (Rbesgss)
Tar sands (Rbesgst)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Clay soils (Rbesgc)
Cobbles (Rbesgd)
Gravel (Rbesgg)
Silts (Rbesgt)