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Soil horizon (Rbesph)

A layer of soil or soil material approximately parallel to the land surface and differing from adjacent horizons in physical, chemical, and biological properties. (Source: www.cst.cmich.edu/users/Franc1m/esc334/lectures/origin.htm)
Broader Term
Soils by properties (Rbesp)
Narrower Terms
Subsoil (Rbesphs)
Topsoil (Rbespht)
Soil profiles (Rbesphy)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
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Soils by consistency (Rbespc)
Soils by density (Rbespd)
Soils by frost condition or potential (Rbespf)
Soils by grain size and distribution (Rbespg)
Soils by moisture content or potential (Rbespm)
Soils by organic content (Rbespn)
Soils by permeability (Rbespp)
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