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Synthetic resins (Rbmdqrr)

Man-made resins having a polymeric structure that physically resembles natural resin; especially resins in the raw state; used chiefly in plastics. (Source: Team: adapted from wordnet.princeton.edu)
Broader Term
Resins (Rbmdqr)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Acrylic resins (Rbmdqrb)
Alkyd resins (Rbmdqrd)
Epoxy resins (Rbmdqrf)
Ethylene resins (Rbmdqrh)
Natural resins (Rbmdqrj)
Phenolic resins (Rbmdqrm)
Polyamide resins (Rbmdqrn)
Polyester resins (Rbmdqrp)
Polyurethane resins (Rbmdqrq)
Thermoplastic resins (Rbmdqrs)
Thermosetting resins (Rbmdqru)
Vinyl resins (Rbmdqrv)