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Electrical conductivity (Rkef)

The nature of a material that allows it to conduct electricity, also called specific conductance, which increases in metals with increasing temperature. (Source: Team)
Broader Term
Electrical properties (Rke)
Narrower Terms
Photoconductivity (Rkefp)
Superconductivity (Rkefs)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Capacitance (Rkec)
Dielectric properties (Rked)
Electrical impedance (Rkeg)
Electrical resistivity (Rkeh)
Inductance (Rkek)
Peak value (Electricity) (Rkeo)
Power factor (Electricity) (Rkep)
Power level (Electricity) (Rkeq)
Refractivity (Rker)
Transfer characteristics (Rket)