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Field strength (Rkmah)

The vector sum of all the forces exerted by an electrical or magnetic field (on a unit mass or unit charge or unit magnetic pole) at a given point in the field. (Source: wordnet.princeton.edu)
Broader Term
Strength of materials (Rkma)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Adhesive strength (Rkmaa)
Bond strength (Materials) (Rkmab)
Cohesive strength (Rkmac)
Collapse strength (Rkmad)
Compressive strength (Rkmae)
Cyclic strength (Rkmaf)
Fatigue strength (Rkmag)
Flexural strength (Rkmaj)
High strength (Rkmak)
Longitudinal strength (Rkmal)
Residual strength (Rkmam)
Shear strength (Rkmar)
Tear strength (Rkmas)
Tensile strength (Rkmat)
Torsional strength (Rkmau)
Transverse strength (Rkmav)
Ultimate strength (Rkmaw)
Undrained strength (Rkmax)
Yield strength (Rkmay)