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Sound (Sb)

Scope Note
For noise pollution refer to Jfn: NOISE; for noise as a communications problem refer to Dsmrn: NOISE (COMMUNICATIONS)
Use For
Sound waves
Broader Term
Physical phenomena (S)
Narrower Terms
Acoustic emission (Sbb)
Acoustic scattering (Sbf)
Acoustic waves (Sbh)
Directivity pattern (Sbi)
Effective sound pressure (Sbj)
Harmonics (Sbm)
Infrasound (Sbp)
Pitch (Acoustics) (Sbr)
Sound attenuation (Sbt)
Sound transmission (Sbv)
Speed of sound (Sbw)
Ultrasonic waves (Sbx)
Underwater sound (Sby)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Laws of physics (Sa)
Chemical reactions and processes (Sc)
Electricity (Se)
Electromagnetism (Sf)
Mechanics (Sm)
Light (So)
Nuclear phenomena (Sp)
Surface phenomena (Sr)
Heat (St)
Systems (Sy)
Related Terms (Associative)
Acoustics (Tpxc)