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Acoustic waves (Sbh)

Elastic waves with frequencies as low as 12 Hertz but which may extend into the gigahertz range; they may be surface acoustic waves, or bulk (volume) acoustic waves. Also known as elastic waves. (Source: Team)
Broader Term
Sound (Sb)
Narrower Terms
Aerodynamic noise (Sbhd)
Acoustic radiation (Sbhr)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Acoustic emission (Sbb)
Acoustic scattering (Sbf)
Directivity pattern (Sbi)
Effective sound pressure (Sbj)
Harmonics (Sbm)
Infrasound (Sbp)
Pitch (Acoustics) (Sbr)
Sound attenuation (Sbt)
Sound transmission (Sbv)
Speed of sound (Sbw)
Ultrasonic waves (Sbx)
Underwater sound (Sby)