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Electrochemical corrosion (Scphe)

Corrosion which occurs when current flows between cathodic and anodic areas on metallic surfaces. (Source: www.ndt-ed.org/GeneralResources/Glossary/letter/e.htm)
Use For
Electrolytic corrosion
Broader Term
Corrosion (Scph)
Narrower Terms
Stray current corrosion (Scphes)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Cavitation erosion (Scphb)
Fretting corrosion (Scphf)
Galvanic corrosion (Scphg)
Pitting (Scphp)
Rusting (Scphr)
Shelling (Metals) (Scphv)
Stress corrosion (Scphx)