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Cracking (Smfd)

Any crack in the wheel path not already defined as a transverse crack. Also, a component where failure is visible before fracture. Opposite of brittle. Also, a linear fracture in the concrete wearing surface that may only extend partway through the bridge deck or it may occur as a failure plane running completely through the concrete structural element. Also, a fissure or open seam not necessarily extending through the body of a material. Also, a failure that occurs when the anchor bolts are sufficiently embedded so that failure occurs by yielding of the steel anchor bolts. Or, a bending moment that produces a tensile stress greater than the sum of induced compression plus the tensile strength of the concrete resulting in tensile cracks on the tension face of the pole. (Source: AASHTO Glossary)
Use For
Ductile fracture
Broader Term
Failure (Smf)
Narrower Terms
Types of cracking (Smfdb)
Pavement cracking (Smfdp)
Rock fracture (Smfdr)
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