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Force (Smi)

The pressure on an object that imparts motion, whose value is equal to the object's rate of change of momentum measured over time. (Source: Team)
Broader Term
Mechanics (Sm)
Narrower Terms
Buoyancy (Smia)
Centrifugal force (Smib)
Centripetal force (Smic)
Drag forces (Smid)
Cohesion (Smif)
Impulses (Mechanics) (Smih)
Inertial forces (Smij)
Internal forces (Smik)
Loads (Smim)
Pressure (Smip)
Propulsion (Smir)
Pumping (Pavements) (Smis)
Set forward force (Smit)
Tractive forces (Smiu)
Related Terms (Hierarchical)
Attenuation (Physics) (Sma)
Deformation (Smb)
Degrees of freedom (Smc)
Dynamics (Smd)
Energy (Sme)
Failure (Smf)
Fluid mechanics (Smh)
Gravitation (Smk)
Momentum (Smp)
Stability (Mechanics) (Sms)
Statics (Smu)
Stresses (Smv)
Waves (Smw)